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Hi there! I'm Angel. I am a multi-faceted, aesthetically-driven, detail-oriented graphic designer with a strong background in the fine arts. My philosophy for life is to be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. For me, that pursuit contains a whole lot of art, design, and pizza. When I am not working on bettering my design skills, I am usually at a museum or local event, trying a new recipe, or spending time with my cat. 

Wanna chat about anything and everything? I'm your gal. Check
out my resume or send me an email to get the convo started!

My need for creative expression has been a lifelong constant. This has molded me into a well-rounded creator who loves exploring new mediums and using fine art methods in her designs. My art has shown me that hard work and perseverance are the keys to success in all my endeavors. My art has challenged my craft and innovation and fueled my passion design. 



I discovered a personal connection with graphic design, I enjoy tackling problems with a creative approach. I genuinely love putting forth my creative abilities to bring someone’s vision to life. I strive to not be predictable in my design work while keeping the same quality of effort and detail. My style is versatile and can adapt to any project or client.

My vast list of hobbies outside of design help inspire my work and fuel my passion projects. Whether its reading about recycling, tending to my plants, trying to understand the philosophies of Kant, or discussing the difference between light and dark roast coffee, I approach the opportunity to learn with enthusiasm.


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